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Let us know whats on your mind. Any Suggestions? Requests?Also if we have made a mistake and given the wrong person credit for a video (As people re-upload often) please RESPECTFULLY let us know and we will make the change. Do you have a favorite Conspiracy video or You Tube Channel you would like us to view? Please list it in the form below and we will view it. Chances are if you like it, we will like it. Give your favorite Tuber a viewership or subscription boost. We are plugged in to several high traffic sites around the web. The Daily Conspiracy has hit the ground running and one of our main purpose is to showcase good work and another is to wake up the public. Please help us in making our system work by referring great Truth Channels and videos below. We all know that You Tube does us no favors when it comes to "views". Lets work together to wake up this world. Thx TDC


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